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Product Design/Circular Design/Strategie/ Consumer Electronics

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Diplom Degree Project

As more and more electronic products are produced as miniturized, wireless and smart, it also makes them harder to be disassembled and recycled. The project Zyklerz takes wireless grooming products as objects to explore a strategic approach to address this issue, and eventully achieve a ballanced system of circular economy.

It all begins with an Ore.

Lithium Ore

over engineered structure
sell and forget model
ireversable enclosure
complex material
low repairability
harzadous compound

manufactured to


collection system


material recovery

financial viable

traceable recycle

sent away,
buried under,
burnt out,
as E-Waste.

Ore of Theseus

Or they can be designed to run circular?


The core of Zyklerz modular system is a wireless battery module, made from a retired 2170 Lithium battery cell. Which is a cylindrical battery cell currently serving in electric viehcles like Tesla Model 3 and Y, and will retire with still 80% of its capacity. That would be about 3500 mAh, double the battery of a consumer electronic.

charge one

carry one

recycle one





magnetic & wireless
power connector

Thanks to advanced wireless power technology, a series of function modules can be attached to the battery module via magnet, and be driven at almost 12w power. This allows the battery module to be used for different purposes, packed with ease, and recycled seperately, while remain waterproof, and upgradable.

circular subscription modle

Zyklerz a series of modular products combined with a subscription service. Various modules that are separated by design will be renewed and recycled according to their material life-cycle and usage.

Stake-Holder Map

Because of its high raw material value, structure complexity and frequent upgrade need, a circular model for electronics can actually benefit multiple parties of stake holders, instead of being only an ideal of sustainability.

stainless steel
ferrous metal
non-ferrous metal
lithium battery
polycarbonate shell
PCB & others







designed to be recycled

The material selection of each module also consider its recycle process. Functional modules contain mainly metal, so they can be directly shredded and then separated magnetically, while battery module , which contain harzardous material and most electronics, can be easily disassembled into parts to be processed differently.


After many experiments and test, a function-prototype is carefully constructed with selected electrical components and 3d-printed shells.

Design Process /

E-waste categories and disposal

* data source: global e-waste monitor 2020

Substance of 3 major type E-wastes

* data source: global e-waste monitor 2020

global E-waste generation & illegal transport

* data source: global e-waste monitor 2020

Interview by recycling plant